As a provincially registered non-profit corporation, we focus on public education and issue advocacy on matters vital to Alberta's prosperity. We primarily help our sponsors implement policies that reflect free-enterprise values through a variety of activities aimed directly at influencing public opinion and the outcomes of elections in Alberta.
As governments and special interests pursue high tax, anti-business agendas, Albertans and the industries that employ them need a champion that will stand strong against efforts that threaten our democracy, economy and undermine the struggling middle class.
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In Unity, There is Victory.

The Alberta Prosperity Fund is the first and only coordinated response to special interests that raise vast sums of money to encourage policies and elect governments that undermine Alberta’s prosperity, increase the size and cost of government and impinge the costs upon the struggling middle class.

Our Priority is Prosperity.

We will build a donor-driven campaign fund to contrast the efforts of governments and special interests whose activity fundamentally threatens the prosperity of  Alberta’s working families and the industries that employ them.

We will do this by using a proactive message of unity and prosperity to educate and unite grassroots Albertans in support of policies and candidates that reflect our sponsors’ vision of a free and prosperous Alberta.

1. Inform and Engage Voters

Engage in a continuous dialogue with Alberta voters through powerful campaigns that inform them of the conditions required to restore and retain Alberta’s competitive advantage.

2. Conduct Polling and Applied Research

Conduct polling and applied research to monitor the impacts of our activities, inform our positions on legislation, track support for candidates and help us understand the needs of Alberta’s working families and the industries that employ them.

3. Mobilize Voters When It Counts

Identify and mobilize grassroots Albertans to enact legislation and elect candidates that support our sponsors’ vision for a free and prosperous province.

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Not only is the NDP perpetuating the 'transition to a low carbon economy' myth, they are actively supporting it. And investment in our province is steadily dropping...
Lethbridge pub owner called selfish by NDP MLA
According to NDP MLA Maria Fitzpatrick, a business owner is "selfish" for trying to stay afloat. "It’s sad and disappointing a business would rather have a greater profit margin than keeping people employed at a wage where they can afford food and pay for a roof over their head," she says, "certainly $15 an hour is not extravagant.” Take a guess how many jobs Ms. Fitzpatrick has created in her life - zero
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Is the Alberta gov't sincere about efforts to stop global warming through their new carbon tax?