As governments pursue high tax, anti-business agendas, a strong voice is needed to represent Alberta’s working families and the industries that employ them. Founded in 2015, the Alberta Prosperity Fund is a grassroots-driven non-profit organization that seeks to unite Albertans with one voice and one vote against those who put ideology before job creation, chase away investment and leave the struggling middle class to pay the bill.
Uniting to Restore Alberta’s Advantage.
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Where there is unity, there is victory.

The Alberta Prosperity Fund is the first coordinated response to the new reality of campaigning in Alberta, wherein left-leaning coalitions raise vast sums of money to defeat conservative candidates and decrease Alberta’s economic competitiveness. We will contrast their efforts with a proactive message of unity and prosperity to mobilize voters through the media and at the ballot box to defeat these coalitions and the governments who support them.

Our priority is prosperity.

Albertans simply want to be left alone to earn a living, steward their land, save for tomorrow and contribute to the well being of their communities without big government getting in the way. Where candidates for office support these values, we will work to elect them. Where they oppose these values, we will work to defeat them. We will use proactive advertising and voter mobilization campaigns to ensure these values are reflected in Alberta’s public policies and the regulations resulting from them.

1. Unite Common Sense Voters

Enlist grassroots activists in every corner of the province to excite voters, re-engage disaffected party members and build an active grassroots membership to create one united common sense alternative to the NDP through a merger or a new party.

2. Inform and Engage Voters

Albertans have told us they simply want to be left alone to earn a living, steward their land, save for tomorrow and support their communities without big government getting in the way. We will leverage these values with proactive campaigns that let Albertans know where government is getting public policies wrong while promoting policies that help regain and maintain Alberta’s advantage.

3. Mobilize Voters When It Counts

We will use state-of-the-art resources to mobilize voters during elections, by-elections and special issues campaigns to support candidates that reflect our members’ values and defeat candidates that oppose them.

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