Alberta's success story is built upon hard work and a pioneering spirit. That story continues today in the hearts and minds of every Albertan.
As governments and special interests pursue high tax, anti-business agendas, Albertans and the industries that employ them need a champion that will stand up for our democracy, economy and the struggling middle class.
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In Unity There is Victory.

The Alberta Prosperity Fund was founded in response to organizations using Alberta as a battleground for activist-based assaults on business and the free-enterprise economy.

We’re building a donor directed fund to help ensure that the needs of Albertans and the industries that employ them are not left hanging against this backdrop of political transformation.

Our Priority is Prosperity.

The Alberta Prosperity Fund supports activities needed to ensure that the prosperity of Alberta’s working families and the industries that employ them remain their government’s top priority.

Engage in a continuous dialogue with Albertans to identify opportunities for positive change and support the activity needed to make it happen. 

Monitor the impacts of our activities, inform our positions on legislation, and ensure that Albertans know what they’re voting for when they head to the ballot box.

 Mobilize grassroots Albertans when it counts to hold activists and politicians of any stripe accountable for their actions, policy positions and directions.

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